Manufacturer and supplier of activated carbon

EcoPlanet Core Carbon is a manufacturer of activated carbon, specialized in the use of timber bamboo as a feedstock. The structure of the cellulose and hemi cellulose of bamboo fiber as well as its unique physical and mechanical properties make it a unique and superior biomass for the production of activated carbon. In addition to bamboo we use eucalyptus offcuts from local sawmills.

Core Carbon’s customized manufacturing facility combines thermal and chemical activation to produce various grades of activated carbon, suitable for use within a range of applications. A strong corporate culture of environmental stewardship ensures the Company’s operations are low in emissions and strive for zero effluent waste. Core Carbon factories have incorporated air and water filtration systems that minimize any potential pollution created by the manufacturing process.

Processing facility based in South Africa

Core Carbon’s manufacturing facility is located on the Kowie Bamboo Farm, in South Africa’s Eastern Cape, reducing transport costs of raw and processed material and thereby minimizing the Company’s carbon footprint. Waste material is utilized as fertilizer and biochar on the bamboo plantations that supply our feedstock, nurturing the soil and increasing productivity.

Global experts in bamboo feedstock

Specialists in activated carbon production