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Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO is a serial entrepreneur. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo Co-Founder is a global bamboo & restoration expert. EcoPlanet Bamboo investment in bamboo charcoal since 2012.

EcoPlanet Invests in Technology Development

February 25, 2017

Over the past six years EcoPlanet Bamboo has invested heavily in the development of a global framework for bamboo to be industrialized as a deforestation free fiber, being renown only on degraded land and under the strictest frameworks of sustainability. However, development of this innovative feedstock is only one piece of the puzzle - if a manufacturing process is dirty, it doesn't matter how truly renewable the feedstock is, the end product itself cannot be considered so.


Under EcoPlanet Bamboo Group CEO Troy Wiseman, an integrated approach to the industrialization of bamboo has been a key component of the company's strategy. A significant focus of the company's investment into technology development has been through our EcoPlanet Core Carbon subsidiary. Based on the Kowie Bamboo Farm in South Africa's Eastern Cape, EcoPlanet Core Carbon has targeted markets for clean, renewable and low footprint carbonized and bioenergy products.


In particular our investment into understanding new technologies for the production of a clean bamboo charcoal have a widespread benefit. Charcoal is one of the greatest drivers of deforestation, across sub-Saharan Africa but also within other parts of the developing world. Traditional production methods are highly inefficient, with conversion yields from biomass to charcoal typically as low as 10-15% and with slow growing hardwoods being the target. Furthermore the carbonization process has typically been dirty, with high emissions and polluting particles (charcoal dust).


EcoPlanet Core Carbon has carried out trials with numerous charcoal carbonization and pyrolysis technologies, focused on advances in clean, high efficiency kilns. We have assessed technologies from across the world to identify those that work as advertised, for both hardwood and bamboo feedstock.


This investment into technology has set the stage for EcoPlanet Core Carbon to be able to offer a unique and integrated solution to one of the world's greatest environmental challenges - the provision of a renewable, clean fuel.


For more information please contact info@ecoplanetbamboo.com



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