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Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO is a serial entrepreneur. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo Co-Founder is a global bamboo & restoration expert. EcoPlanet Bamboo investment in bamboo charcoal since 2012.

EcoPlanet's Bamboo Charcoal Water Filters for a #PlasticFreeJuly

July 12, 2018



Plastic Free July - what started out as a small challenge for a group of environmentalists in Australia, has grown to a global movement, with participants in more than 170 countries. But what exactly is it? Other than the challenge itself, Plastic Free July is a way to raise awareness of just how much single use plastic we all rely on during our daily lives, how much effort it takes to make that switch, but how easy it is to cut this reliance on plastic once we start to understand its true impact on our environment.


Newbies in the challenge to go plastic free, or zero waste, often start with ditching the easy four:

  • Plastic Straws

  • Single Use Coffee Cups

  • Plastic Water Bottles

  • Plastic Bags 

This article targets only the 3rd - single use plastic water bottles. EcoPlanet Bamboo produces Bamboo Charcoal H2O an all natural, toxin free, bamboo charcoal water filter that has been proven to remove contaminants from water, while infusing it with beneficial minerals.


And not only do they have the above benefits, but they make water taste delicious! We know that this sounds strange, and really you have to experience it to believe it, but time after time, our guests and clients tell us that tap water, treated using our Bamboo Charcoal H2O is the "best tasting water ever"!


In 2017 the Guardian reported that the world throws away a MILLION plastic bottles Every. Single. Minute. That's: 

  • 60,000,000 (60 million) bottles per hour

  • 1,400,000,000 (1.4 billion) bottles per day

  • 9,800,000,000 (9.8 billion) bottles per week



The average plastic water bottle is used for less than 30 minutes before being discarded, where it never decomposes, only breaks down into smaller and smaller particles of toxic plastic, polluting our lands, rivers and oceans.


Our simple, easy to carry, easy to use bamboo charcoal water filters represent an easy way for to reduce our footprints and this absurd volume of plastic water bottles, not only during Plastic Free July, but permanently. And not only can they reduce our dependence on single use plastics, but they contribute to reforesting some of the most degraded parts of the planet, and when they are no longer useful, they can be crushed and added to potted plants, compost, or soils, where they assist in soil health and structure.


As cities and countries continue to wake up to the disastrous effects of our reliance on single use plastics, bamboo charcoal water filters offer just one small solution. Thousands more innovations, and alternative are required before we can live in a world that is truly plastic free and sustainable!




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