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Troy Wiseman EcoPlanet Bamboo CEO is a serial entrepreneur. Camille Rebelo EcoPlanet Bamboo Co-Founder is a global bamboo & restoration expert. EcoPlanet Bamboo investment in bamboo charcoal since 2012.

Bamboo Beauty Products on the Rise; Colgate Recognizes the Benefits of Activated Charcoal

December 12, 2018

Multi-national company Colgate recently launched their latest toothpaste line, "Natural Extracts" featuring activated charcoal.



The benefits of charcoal and activated charcoal in healthy and beauty products has been on the rise. But not just any charcoal can be used in these products. Bamboo, in particular, provides the perfect raw resource. When carbonized under the correct conditions (extremely high properties in the absence of oxygen), this the ash, volatiles and other components are removed from the resulting bamboo charcoal, leaving a product that has two unique properties; a very high fixed carbon content, and an extremely high surface area. When activated, which can occur through a range of treatments with varying levels of complexity, from boiling to steam treatment to chemical activation, this surface area becomes negatively charged. Used as a absorption agent, whether in toothpaste, or facial products, the finely ground particles of bamboo charcoal attract positively charged contaminants, binding these into the bamboo charcoal and removing them from their original host. For a toothpaste, this results in not only a natural cleansing, but a whitening effect.


Previously, these benefits had only been recognized by niche product manufacturers. Colgate's new toothpaste range represents the first mainstream toothpaste to incorporate an activated charcoal as a key ingredient.


Other charcoals with similar properties to bamboo are coconut husk, and high grade activated charcoals made from nut shells.


As companies such as Colgate continue to increase the use of charcoal and other natural products within their product ranges, the focus should turn to ensuring that these resources are being sustainably produced, managed and manufactured. Bamboo, if grown on degraded land, and harvested sustainably can not only provide a natural product, but positively contribute to a range of environmental and social issues. Bamboo is also a fast growing plant, and can address issues of climate change, increasing forest cover in areas suffering from deforestation.


EcoPlanet Bamboo utilizes a specialized bamboo activated charcoal in our range of soaps, as well as for water and air filtration. Visit our products site to learn more: www.thebamboosolution.com or contact us at info@ecoplanetbamboo.com



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